Proceedings of the 1st IAMB Conference Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Winter 2006


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  Bailey, Jeffrey J.

Professor of Management and Human Resources

Department of Management, Marketing, and Operations"

College of Business and Economics

University of Idaho

Moscow, Indiana, USA

Advancing Consumer Marketing and Human Flourishing

Author(s): Bailey, Jeffrey J., Pharr, Steven


Berry, Gregory R.

Associate Professor of Management

Utah valley State College

Orem, UT, USA

Sense Making and Reframing; Enabling Socially Responsible Decision Making

Author(s): Berry, Gregory R.


Brinkman, John

Vice Dean, Business & Computer Sciences

Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Strategic Positioning for International Expansion in UK Business Schools

Author(s): Brinkman, John


Brown, LaTanya

Assistant Professor of Economics

Bowie State University and Belmont University

Bowie, Maryland, USA

Impact of the Music Industry on the Local City Economy

Author(s): Brown, LaTanya


Carroll, Anthony E.

Queen’s School of Business

Queen’s University

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Followers’ leadership sense-making behaviour:  How perceptions of the linkages between leaders and their close followers influence distant followers’ behaviors.

Author(s): Carroll, Anthony E.


Deflorin, Patricia

Research Associate

Institute for Technology Management (ITEM)

University of St. Gallen,

Gallen,, Switzerland

How to Cope with Environmental Uncertainty: An Integrated Flexibility Framework for Manufacturing Companies

Author(s): Friedli, Thomas, Rathje, Maike, and Deflorin, Patricia


Den Hartog, Deanne N.

Professor of Organizational Behavior

University of Amsterdam Business School

University of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Human Resource Management Configurations, Performance and Innovativeness

Author(s): Den Hartog, Deanne N., Verburg, Robert M.


Chen, Li-chuan

Nova Southeastern University

H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship

Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

The Influence of Firm-Specific Factors in The Context of Foreign Entry Mode Choice and Performance: A transaction Cost Approach

Author(s): Chen, Li-chuan


Estay, Christophe

Professor (visiting professor at Wake Forest University)

Bordeaux Business School

Domaine de Raba

Talence Cedex, France

Very Small Businesses and Economic Development: from Support of Entrepreneurship to Long Lasting Structures

Author(s): Estay, Christophe


Fimbel, Eric


Reims Management School,

Reims Cédex, France

Improving the Efficiency of the Strategic Maneuver through Outsourcing: the Example of the Information System

Author(s): Fimbel, Eric


Galin, Amira

Professor, Faculty of Management

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, Israel

The Endowment Effect in Individual and Team Negotiations

Author(s): Galin, Amira, Gross, Miron, Kella-Egozy, Irit, and Sapir, Sigal


Galin, Daniel

Department of Business Administration

Ruppin Acadmic Center

Emek Hefer, Israel

Information Technology Management - Challenges and Solutions

Author(s): Galin, Daniel


Ghanam, Denise

Lecturer, Management

Odette School of Business

University of Windsor

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The Performance Triangle:  Dynamic Capabilities,  Human Resources,  and Competitive Advantage

Author(s): Denise, Denise


Guidice, Rebecca G.

Department of Management

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Managerial Motivation Philosophy and Power Positions between Partners: The Effect on Joint Venture Control and Performance

Author(s): Guidice, Rebecca M., Mero, Neal P.


Hajli, Mahmood

General Secrtary of Iran ICT NGO for Youth

Tehran, Iran

Examining the cultural obstacles to the use of E-commerce in the SEMs of Iran

Author(s): Hajli, Mahmood


Hossain, Tarique

Assistant Professor

International Business and Marketing

California State Polytechnic University

Pomona, California, USA

Explaining The Duration of Franchise Contracts: Evidence From The U.S. Fast Food Franchises

Author(s): Hossain, Tarique


Hartley, Nell T.

School of Business

Robert Morris University

Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, USA

I Learn You Learn:  Is There a Relationship between Our Approach to Learning and Our Interpersonal Style?

Author(s): Hartley, Nell T., Motley, Darlene G.


Harvey, Jaron B.

Undergraduate Student of Business Management

Utah Valley State College

Orem, Utah, USA

The Impact of an Epidemic on Organizational Employees and the Labor Pool: Complex Global Problems and Corporate Social Responsibility

Author(s): Harvey, Jaron, Whelan-Berry, Karen S., Sproul, Allen


Heilmann, Pia A.

Senior Lecturer in Management and Organizations

Department of Business Administration

Lappeenranta University of Technology

Lappeenranta, Finland

In Favour of Women? Promises and Disillusions of Boundaryless Career in the Finnish ICT Sector

Author(s): Heilmann, Pia A. K., Lepistö, Piia K.


Herkenhoff, Linda M.

Graduate School of Business

Saint Mary's College

Moraga, California, USA

Podcasting and VODcasting as Supplementary Tools in Management Learning and Training

Author(s): Herkenhoff, Linda


Culturally Tuned Emotional Intelligence: A Tripartite Cultural Analysis

Author(s): MacGrain Herkenhoff, Linda


Jensen, Soren H.

Assistant professor

Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy"

Copenhagen Business School

Frederiksberg, Denmark

Towards a Strategic Understanding of Professional Service Firms – a Knowledge and Capabilities Based Approach

Author(s): Jensen Søren H., Poulfelt, Flemming, and Hartmann, Stig


Johnson, Charles M.

Lecturer, Department of Management & Human Resources

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Pomona, California, USA

Human Resources Management and the Growing Entrepreneurial Enterprise

Author(s): Johnson, Charles M.


Kok, Jasper B.

Department of Organization & Strategy

Maastricht University

Maastricht, The Netherlands

A Discrete Choice Model for Productive Social Relations

Author(s): Kok, Jasper B., Pfann, Gerard A.


Lai, George M.

Associate Professor

Department of Business Administration

Taichung Institute of Technology

Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Modular Manufacturing Architecture in Automobile Production

Author(s): Lai, George Ming-Hong, Oh, Eun-Teak, and Liu, Ren-Jye


Martin, William F.

Associate Professor

Aurora, IL, USA

Organizational Aesthetics and the Bottom Line: The Planetree Model of Health Care Delivery

Author(s): Martin, William F.


Mattila, Merita K.

Business Administration

Lappeenranta University of Technology

Lappeenranta, Finland

Value Processing - Means to become a Better Organization?

Author(s): Mattila, Merita K.


McCutcheon, Amy

Executive Lead and Chief Nursing Officer

Vancouver Coastal Health

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Impact of Leadership and Span of Control on Patient Satisfaction, Staff Satisfaction and Turnover

Author(s): McCutcheon, Amy and McCutcheon, Richard


McGillis Hall, Linda

Faculty of Nursing

University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Developing an Understanding of Canadian-Trained Nurses in the U.S.

Author(s): McGillis Hall, Linda


McNabb, David E.

Professor, School of Business Administration

Pacific Lutheran University

Tacoma, Washington, USA

Ethics Education in Business School Accounting Programs; A Survey of Faculty Attitudes,  Perceptions,  and Approaches

Author(s): Hegstad, Larry P. and McNabb, David E.


Michie, Jonathan

Director, Birmingham Business School

University of Birmingham

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Human Resource Management and Corporate Performance in Small Firms

Author(s): Michie, Jonathan and Sheehan, Maura

Business Strategy and Corporate Performance in Small Firms

Author(s): Michie, Jonathan and Sheehan, Maura


Obasi, Isaac

Department of Political and Administrative Studies

University of Botswana

Gaborone, Botswana

Arresting the Tide of Potential Brain Drain among Academics in African Universities: A Case Study in Failure from a Nigerian Experience

Author(s): Obasi, Isaac, Achike , Anthonia, and Obasi , Susan N.


Olson, Krista L.

Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

McLean, Virginia, USA

The Visualization of Information in Presentations

Author(s): Olson, Krista L.


Ramnarayan, Sujata

Department of Marketing

San Jose State University

San Jose, California, USA

The Necessity for Copyright Evolution in the Google Information Era

Author(s): Ramnarayan, Sujata, Wells, Pamela, and Andra, Usha


Rampersad, Hubert K.

President, TPS International Inc

San Francisco, California, USA

Total Performance Scorecard; New Blueprint For Sustained Organizational Performance with Integrity

Author(s): Rampersad, Hubert K.


Rathje, Maike

Research Associate

Institute for Technology Management (ITEM)

University of St. Gallen

Gallen, Switzerland

How to Cope with Environmental Uncertainty: A Framework of Integrated Flexibility Dimensions in Manufacturing Companies

Author(s): Friedli, Thomas, Rathje, Maike, Deflorin, Patricia


Remoussenard, Catherine

Professor and Head of Human Resources Management Department

Burgundy School of Business

Dijon, France

Case Studies; Leadership Skills in Change Management

Author(s): Remoussenard, Catherine


Rhodes, Shelton

Bowie State University

Bowie, Maryland, USA

The impact of federal government Business Policy on Minorities and Women Entrepreneurs

Author(s): Rhodes, Shelton


Robertson, Maxine

IKON Director

Warwick Business School

University of Warwick

Coventry, United Kingdom

Exploring the Political Dynamics Surrounding Biomedical Innovation

Author(s): Robertson, Maxine and Oswick,Cliff


Soh, Mabel

Associate Professor and Dean

School of Human Development and Social Services

Singapore Institute of Management University

Singapore, Singapore

A Correlational Study of the Relationship between a Firm’s Intangible Resources and its Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Author(s): Soh, Mabel


Soun, Zephyr L.

Teaching Assistant, Program in Intercultural Management

School for International Training

Brattleboro, Vermont, USA

Defining Mission-Driven Organizations: A Framework for Dialogue

Author(s): Soun, Zephyr L.


Torres, Karen

Assistant Professor of Management

Department of Management and Marketing

Angelo State University

San Angelo, TX, USA

Teaching Assessable Ethical Reasoning in the Business Classroom, An Abstract of a Work-in-Progress

Author(s): Torres, Karen


Verburg, Robert M.

Associate Professor

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management

Delft University of Technology

Delft, The Netherlands

Managing a Mobile Workforce: Insights from Practice

Author(s): Verburg, Robert M. and Brodt, Torsten


Wang, Zhong-ming

Executive Dean

School of Management

Zhejiang University"

Hangzhou, China

Human Resources Integration Strategy for International Technology Entrepreneurship in the Chinese Small and Medium Companies

Author(s): Wang, Zhong-ming, Liu, Bangcheng, and Xu, Xiaojun


Wong, Anthony K.

PhD Program in Management

Queen's School of Business

Queen's University

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

A Literature Review of the Impact of Flow on Human-Computer Interactions (HCI) – The Study of a Fundamental Ingredient in the Effective Use of Computers

Author(s): Wong, Anthony K.


Young, Jeffrey A.

Chief Operating Officer

DC Lottery & Charitable Games Control Board

Washington, DC, USA

Transformation of the D.C. Lottery

Author(s): Young, Jeffrey A.


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