Proceedings of the 11th IAMB Conference

Winter 2011

Manuscripts listed alphabetically by Author

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Ahmadov, Fariz

Department of Business Administration

Azerbaijan State Economic University

Baku, Azerbaijan

Analyzing of Investment Strategies of Local Companies in Azerbaijan: Problems and Solutions

Author(s): Fariz Ahmadov, Mushfig Jafarov


Alpaslan Danisman, Sumeyra

Assistant Professor

Mevlana University

Konya, Selcuklu, Turkey

Cultural Metaphores of Expatriate Experiences

Author(s): Sumeyra Alpaslan Danisman


Amaral, Miguel

Department of Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research

Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Portugal: : A longitudinal assessment of Brazilian, Indian, Chinese, Ukrainian and Cape-Verdean entrepreneurs

Author(s): Miguel Amaral, Catarina Egreja, Leonor Castro


Anand, Twisha

Department of Organizational Behavior

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Interpersonal Help Seeking in Software Industry: A Cross-Cultural Study

Author(s): Twisha Anand, Deepti Bhatnagar, Kirti Sharda, Neharika Vohra


Angiello, Joseph

Associate Professor

Empire State College

State University of New York, SUNY

Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

Sustainability and Innovation: Applying the Competing Values Framework

Author(s): Joseph Angiello, Rosalyn Rufer, Kathleen Spector


Aramyan, Lusine

Scientific Researcher

Department of Market & Chains

LEI, Wageningen University

Wageningen, The Netherlands

Strategic Decision Making in Designing Sustainable Pork Supply Chains

Author(s): Lusine Aramyan, Robert Hoste, Willie van den Broek


Bailey, Jeffrey

Professor of Business

College of Business and Economics, Management, Marketing, and Operations

University of Idaho

Moscow, Idaho, USA

Stumbling Blocks on the Path to Successfully Behaving Ethically in Business

Author(s): Jeffrey Bailey


Balfour, Alan

Chair, Department of Management and Organization

College of Business

University of South Florida

Tampa, Florida, USA

Third Eye Blind: How American Workers can see what Business Professors cannot

Author(s): Alan Balfour, Sally Fuller


Bari, Khadija

Department of Econmics

Institute of Business Administration

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Competitive Advantage of Pakistan: A Case Study of the Textile Industry

Author(s): Khadija Bari


Bielinska-Kwapisz, Agnieszka

Assistant Professor

Montana State University

Bozeman, Montana, USA

Differential Gender Performance on the Major Field Test-Business

Author(s): Agnieszka Bielinska-Kwapisz, F. William Brown


Bolivar-Ramos, María Teresa

Faculty of Economics and Business

University of Granada

Granada, Spain

Technological Competencies and Organizational Learning: Effects on Firm Performance

Author(s): María Teresa Bolivar-Ramos, Victor J. Garcia-Morales, Rodrigo Martin-Rojas, Encarnacion Garcia-Sanchez


Cabrera, Elizabeth F

Senior Research Fellow

Thunderbird School of Global Management

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Using the Job Demands-Resources Model to Study Work-Family Conflict

Author(s): Elizabeth F Cabrera


Chen, Chiu Ping

Post Graduate Programs in Management

I-Shou University

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Exploring the Factors Related to Cooperative Motivation of Foreign Brides in Taiwan

Author(s): Chiu Ping Chen, Chih Chung Wang


Clerkin, Thomas

Associate Professor

Department of Business

Indiana University Purdue University Columbus

Columbus, Indiana, USA

The Impact of Contribution Motive on Conflict of Top Management Team Goal Setting:  A Scale Development

Author(s): Thomas Clerkin


David-West, Olayinka

Lagos Business School

Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria

A Service Science View of Consumer-based Electronic Services

Author(s): Olayinka David-West


Desai, Darshan


Berkeley College

New York, New York, USA

Success of Viral Advertisements: Does Creativity Matter?

Author(s): Darshan Desai


Engel, Christoph

Max Planck Institute

Bonn, NRWP, Germany

The People’s Hired Guns? Experimentally Testing the Inclination of Prosecutors to Abuse the Vague Definition of Crimes

Author(s): Christoph Engel, Alicja Pluta


Enjoji, Takahiro

Associate Professor

Department of Business Administration

Tokyo Fuji University

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Reputation Management in Japan: Evidence from Global B to B Companies

Author(s): Takahiro Enjoji, Morikazu Hirose


Fanimokun, Abiola

Assistant Professor

Department of Business and Economics

Penn State Fayette

Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA

Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries:  An Institutional Framework Perspective on Strategic Response

Author(s): Abiola Fanimokun


Fannin, Jeffrey L.

Executive Director

Center for Cognitive Enhancement

Glendale, Arizona, USA

What Neuroscience Reveals about the Nature of Business

Author(s): Jeffrey L. Fannin, Robert M. Williams


Farooq, Asma

Faculty of Management Sciences

International Islamic University

Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan

Realizing Business Value from Information System

Author(s): Asma Farooq


Fernández-Pérez, Virginia

University of Granada

Granada, Granada, Spain

Knowledge Sharing and Strategic Flexibility: The Moderating Effects of Organizational Climate and Uncertainty

Author(s): Virginia Fernández-Pérez, Victor J. García-Morales, María­a Teresa Bolívar-Ramos


Foss, Kirsten


Department of Strategy and Management

Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

Bergen, Norway

An Analysis of Entry Barriers from a Property rights Perspective

Author(s): Kirsten Foss, Nicolai J. Foss


Geringer, Michael


Orfalea College of Business

California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo, California, USA

International Business Ph.D. Productivity, 1971-2005

Author(s): Michael Geringer, Karen McGaughey


Gill, Avninder

Department of Management

School of Business & Economics

Thompson Rivers University

Kamloops, Canada

Logistics Value Chain for the British Columbia Beef Products

Author(s): Avninder Gill Gill, Wei Song, Che-hui Lien


Glowik, Mario


Department of Business Adminstration

Technical University of Applied Sciences

Wildau, Brandenburg, Germany

Born Global Firm Strategies in Times of Crisis

Author(s): Mario Glowik, Slawomir Smyczek


Gupta, Parvinder


Department of Organizational Behavior

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, India

The Shades of Success

Author(s): Parvinder Gupta


Gupta Ainapur, Ajaya Shankar

University of Hyderabad

Hyderabad, AP, India

Fit Between Balanced Scorecard and European Foundation for Quality Management Award Model -  An Indian Perspective

Author(s): Ajaya Shankar Gupta Ainapur, Sita Vanka


Gurunathan, L

Assistant Professor

Department of Personnel and Industrial relations

Xaviers Labour Relations Institute - School of Business and Human Resources

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India

Relationship Between Commitment Based Human Resource Practices and Intention to Quit: The Mediating Role of Job Embeddedness

Author(s): L. Gurunathan, Debjani Ghosh

Proactive Personality and Affective Commitment: The Role of Justice and Person-Organization Fit

Author(s): L. Gurunathan


Hampden-Turner, Charles

Professor (retired)

Centre for Technology Management

Cambridge, Harvard, United Kingdom

A New Approach to the Study of Cultural Diversity which Transcends Stereotypes

Author(s): Charles Hampden-Turner, Raymond Ferris Abelin

Can the Digital Media Revolution Restore a Vital Balance to Civil Society?

Author(s): Charles Hampden-Turner, Raymond Ferris Abelin

Towards a New Model of Wealth Creation

Author(s): Charles Hampden-Turner, Raymond Ferris Abelin


Herkenhoff, Linda


St. Mary's College- CA

Moraga, California, USA

A Quantitative Motivational and Cultural Study:  Retiree Healthcare in the United States

Author(s): Linda Herkenhoff


Heydenfeldt, Jo Ann

School of Economics and Business

St Mary’s College of California

Moraga, California, USA

Applied Neuroscience Supporting Mindful Business Decisions

Author(s): Jo Ann Heydenfeldt


Holton, Judith

Assistant Professor

Department of Commerce

Mount Allison University

Sackville, Nebraska, Canada

Sustainability as a Strategic Issue: Stretching Perspectives to Engage Learners

Author(s): Judith Holton


Hsu, Pi Fang

Associate Professor

Shih-Hsin University

Taipei, Taiwan

Finding out the Suitable Criteria for Sport Star as Endorser by Semi-structured Interview\

Author(s): Pi Fang Hsu, Chia Hui Hsu


Hsu, Carol

Associate Professor

National Taiwan University

Taipei, Taiwan

What Happens after Trade? Information Technology and the Structuration of the Offshore Fund Industry in Taiwan

Author(s): Carol Hsu, Rechelle Lin


Johnson, Sara

Financial Planner CFP

Department of International Business Management

Bank of Montreal, BMO

Kelowna, BC, Canada

The Sad Banker. The Return on Investment of Positive Strengths

Author(s): Sara Johnson


Kosmala, Katarzyna

Faculty of Business and Creative Industries

University of the West of Scotland

Ayr/Beech Gr, United Kingdom

Narrating Organisational Story: Buenos Aires’ Fabricas Recuperadasa

Author(s): Katarzyna Kosmala, Miguel Imas


Kosnik, Rita


Department of Business Administration

Trinity University

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Negotiating Governance Issues in Growing Medical Groups: A Comparative Case Study and Typology.

Author(s): Rita Kosnik, John Rice


Kraeger, Patsy

Arizona State University

School of Public Affairs

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

NGO Mission Success: The Field Office Perspective Defining, and Measuring Success

Author(s): Patsy Kraeger


Lajili, Kaouthar

Associate Professor

Telfer School of Management

University of Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

An Empirical Investigation of Business and Operational Risk Disclosures

Author(s): Kaouthar Lajili, Michael Dobler, Daniel Zeghal


Li, Lee


York University

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Should Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Exporting Enterprises Use Niche, Partnership, or Both?

Author(s): Lee Li


Li, Hung Jung

Shih Hsin University

Taipei, Taiwan

The Study of Exploring Taichung City Image by ZMET

Author(s): Hung Jung Li


Liebl, Franz

Professor and Chair of Strategic Marketing

Department of Strategic Marketing

Berlin university of the Arts

Berlin, Germany

Strategic Art, or: The Value of Contemporary Art for Management

Author(s): Franz Liebl


Livvarcin, Omer

Turkish Representative of Scientific Committee

Yeditepe University

Istanbul, Turkey

A Cross-Cultural Assessment of Voluntary Unpaid Overtime (VUO) in Organizations

Author(s): Omer Livvarcin, Mary Kay Park


Loewen, Pamela

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Management

University of Lethbridge

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Identity Construction Through Interorganizational Relations: A Conceptual Framework

Author(s): Pamela Loewen

Organizations as Social Actors: The Trickster

Author(s): Pamela Loewen


Lucy, Denise

Executive Director/Professor

School of Business and Leadership

Dominican University of California

San Rafael, California, USA

International Trade Profile and Activity of California SMEs

Author(s): Denise Lucy, Francoise Lepage, Jayati Ghosh


Mach, Merce

Post doctoral fellow

Department of Management

Concordia University

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Team Trust Performance Relationship Revisited:  A Moderated Mediated Model Using Level and Dispersion of Different Trust Targets

Author(s): Merce Mach


Martins, Fernando


Department of Business

Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados, UFGD

Dourados, MS, Brazil

Organizations as a Dialogical Space: Setting Identities through Discourses.

Author(s): Fernando Martins


Mendez, Maria J.

Assistant Professor

School of Business and Economics

Indiana University South Bend

South Bend, Indiana, USA

Beyond the Unidimensional Collective Leadership Model: Study of Leadership Patterns in Committees

Author(s): Maria J. Mendez, Jon P. Howell, James Bishop


Moazzami, Mohammad

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Application of Convertible Contracts in Oil and Gas Projects

Author(s): Mohammad Moazzami, Janaka Y. Ruwanpura, George Jergeas


Moon, Jon

Assistant Professor

Department of International Business

Korea University - Seoul

Seoul, South Korea

How Much Does It Pay to be Socially Responsible?

Author(s): Jon Moon, Sojung Park


Park, Seong Hoon


Yonsei University

Seoul, South Korea

The Intrapersonal Glass Ceiling in an Expected Wage of a Job Seeker in a Social Enterprise

Author(s): Seong Hoon Park, Junseok Lee


Parra, Fernando

University of Texas at El Paso

El Paso, Texas, USA

On A Firm's Core Competency through Information Systems_ A Meta-Analysis

Author(s): Fernando Parra, Leopoldo Gemoets, Somnath Mukhopadhyay


Pearce, John

Endowed Chair

Department of Management & Operations

Villanova University

Villanova, Pennsylvania, USA

Insights from Social Identity Theory on Managers’ Ethical and Legal Judgments

Author(s): John Pearce


Pendergast, William


Orfalea College of Business

California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo, California, USA

A Symposium: Research and Publication Strategies for International Scholars

Author(s): William Pendergast


Proell, Chad

Assistant Professor

San Diego State University

San Diegp, California, USA

Stock's Options: The Debilitating Effects of Autonomy and Choice on Self-perceptions of Power

Author(s): Chad Proell, Stephen Sauer


Pucci, Sabrina

Full Professor

University of  Roma Tre

Roma, Italy

Compared Analysis on Risk Management and Risk Disclosure in Banking Sector.

Author(s): Sabrina Pucci, Marco Tutino, Emanuele Marulli


Raele, Ricardo


University of São Paulo

São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Scenarios for the Cellulosic Ethanol in Brazil

Author(s): Ricardo Raele, João Boaventura, Adalberto Fischmann


Rana, Fawad Asif

Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology

Islamabad, Pakistan

Impact of Karasek’s Job-Demand-Control-Support Model on the Employee Wellbeing in Sales Force of Pakistani Insurance Companies

Author(s): Fawad Asif Rana, Amber Jamil, Sajid Hussain Awan


Rekar Munro, Carolin

Associate Professor, Leadership and Human Resource

Faculty of Management

Royal Roads University

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders: The Emerging Organizational Landscape with Generation Y at the Helm

Author(s): Carolin Rekar Munro


Robles, Fernando


Department of International Business

George Washington University

Washington, , USA

Management and Strategy Implications in A Polarized Latin American Region

Author(s): Fernando Robles

Rosman, Randal

William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Implications of Social Media on Brand Management in the Luxury Hotel Industry

Author(s): Randal Rosman, Kurt Stuhura, Karl Mayer


Ruiz-Gonzalez, Carlos


Department of Business Policy

IPADE Business School

Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

How to Rescue Business from a Crisis: Eight Steps that Nobody Told you at Business School

Author(s): Carlos Ruiz-Gonzalez


Sagafi-Nejad, Tagi

School of Business

Texas A&M International University

Laredo, Texas, USA

World Investment Report Series: An Expanding Storehouse of FDI-related Knowledge

Author(s): Tagi Sagafi-nejad


Schjoedt, Leon

Associate Professor

Department of Management

Drexel University

Sacramento, California, USA

Effects of Job Characteristics on Novice and Repeat Entrepreneurs’ Job Stress

Author(s): Leon Schjoedt, Krittaya Sangboon


Sekerka, Leslie

Associate Professor

Department of Management

Menlo College

Atherton, California, USA

Influencing the Desire to Buy Green: Ethical Decision Making in a Social Media Context

Author(s): Leslie Sekerka,  Deborah Brown McCabe


Şenel, Mine


Faculty of Engineering

Anadolu University, İkieylül Campus

Eskişehir, Turkey

An Analysis of Technology Acceptance in Turkey using Fuzzy Logic and Structural Equation Modeling

Author(s): Mine Şenel, Bilgin Şenel

Burnout in Turkish Public Sector

Author(s): Mine Şenel, Bilgin Şenel


Şenel, Bilgin


Faculty of Engineering

Anadolu University, İkieylül Campus

Eskişehir, Turkey

The Investigation on Business Performance in an Automotive Firm

Author(s): Bilgin Şenel, Mine Şenel


Simon, Andrew F.

Department of Psychology

Seton Hall University

South Orange, New Jersey, USA

The Structure of Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda

Author(s): Andrew Simon, Alice Kayongo


Smith, Chad

Associate Professor

Adminstrative Science

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA

The Challenges in Management Facing Rural Human Service Agencies

Author(s): Chad Smith, Mark Kilwein


Soetjipto, Budi

Associate Professor

University of Indonesia

Jakarta, Depok, Indonesia

Examining the Followers' Influence on Leader’s Performance: A "Reverse" Pygmallion Effect on the Two Types of Industries in Indonesia

Author(s): Budi Soetjipto, Handry Satriago, Darwin Noerhadi


Spaeth, Mary S.

Department of Business and Creative Industries

University of the West of Scotland

Paisley, United Kingdom

Inclusion through Disidentification: Negotiating Organizational Gender Barriers

Author(s): Mary S. Spaeth, Katarzyna Kosmala


Suzumura, Miyoko

Meiji University

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Interactive Storytelling in Practice: A Case of the Computer Security Incident Response Team

Author(s): Miyoko Suzumura, Daisuke Sugihara, Aki Nakanishi, Toshio Takagi, Masayasu Takahashi


Swire, Wendy

Swire Solutions, LLC

Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Utilizing the Anytime Coaching Model in Leadership Development

Author(s): Wendy Swire


Syed, Fauzia

Department of Business Administration

International Islamic University

Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan

The Role of Personality in Agency Theory

Author(s): Fauzia Syed, Usman Raja


Tahsini Araghi, Sara

Business Enterprise Architect

Sharif University of Technology

Tehran, Iran

Analyzing User Resistance in Enterprise Systems Implementation for Iranian companies

Author(s): Sara Tahsini Araghi


Takano, Toru

Sales manager

Department of Sanyo Syokai

Sanyo Syokai

Tokyo, Japan

An Information Processing Model for Corporate Advertising in Japan: How Celebrity Endorser and Gender Affect Attitudes

Author(s): Toru Takano, Homare Takahashi, Morikazu Hirose


Thomas, Esther

Assistant Professor

Department of Business Administration

Texas Southern University

Houston, Texas, USA

Modifying Case-Based Teaching to Successfully Meet Students' Needs

Author(s): Esther Thomas


Tsang, Seng-su

Assistant Professor

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Taipei, Taiwan

The Impacts of Social Network on Work Stress and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Author(s): Seng-su Tsang, Alice Liange, Ying-Jung Yeh, Shin-Fong Wang


Turner, Craig A.

Associate Professor of Management

East Tennessee State University

Johnson City, Tenessi, USA

Prior Performance and Risk Management

Author(s): Craig Turner, Kyle Turner


Ufere, Nnaoke

Department of Management

Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Corruption:The Dark Side of Entrepreneurial Behavior

Author(s): Nnaoke Ufere, Bo Carlsson, Richard Boland, Sheri Perelli


Van der Wiele, Ton

Associate Professor

Rotterdam School of Management

Erasmus University

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A Management Control Perspective in Quality Management

Author(s): Ton van der Wiele, Jos van Iwaarden, Steve Eldridge


Vasconcelos, Isabella


FEI University

São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Managing the “Past vs. Future” Paradox: A Transformational Perspective of People Management

Author(s): Isabella Vasconcelos, Andre Mascarenhas


Wang, Kung-Jeng


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, NTUST

Taipei, Taiwan

Data Mining Methods in Health Care Management: 5-year Breast Cancer Survivability

Author(s): Kung-Jeng Wang, Bunjira Makond, Yu Siang Lin

The Impact of Firm Competencies on Market Entry Success: Evidence of
High-tech Industry in Emerging Market

Author(s): Kung-Jeng Wang, Yuliani Dwi Lestari, John Yang, Yun Huei Lee


Wang, Christina Yu-Ping

National Dong Hwa University

Hualien, Taiwan

The Determinants of Managing Firm's Environmental Dynamic Capability: Human Capital Perspective

Author(s): Christina Yu-Ping Wang, Bih-Shiaw Jaw, Chen-Yu Wang


Westerlund, Mika

Postdoctoral Scholar

School of Economics

Aalto University

Helsinki, Finland

Benefits of Security Service Adoption for B2B Clients

Author(s): Mika Westerlund, Risto Rajala, Arto Rajala


Zhang, Pingying

Assistant professor

Department of Management

University of North Florida

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

A Model of Control Parity and Strategic Stakes

Author(s): Pingying Zhang, Cheryl Van Deusen


Zivnuska, Suzanne


Department of Management

California State University, Chico

Chico, California, USA

Theoretically Linking Mindfulness and Ethics in the Workplace

Author(s): Suzanne Zivnuska, K. Michele Kacmar


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