Proceedings of the 2nd IAMB Conference Las Vegas. Nevada, USA

Winter 2007

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Bass, William S.

Assistant Professor of Management

Management & Marketing

Northern State University

Aberdeen, SD, USA

Acculturation in the Borderland

Author(s): Bass, William S.


Becker, Gerry A.

Professor of Psychology

National-Louis University

Lisle, IL, USA

The Impact of Culture on Women's Attitudes Regarding Career Options and Advancement in the Workplace

Author(s): Becker, Gerry A., de Vincenzo, Jose., Wolanowski, Marek


Boehling, Max

Kent Business School &

Department of Psychology,  Kent University

Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom

The psychological attractiveness of the work place: Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Identity Management

Author(s): Boehling, Max


Booysen, Lize A.


Graduate School of Leadership

University of South Africa

Pretoria, Ga, South Africa

A South Africa in Social Identity Crises?

Author(s): Booysen, Lize


Bourne, Steve

James H. Shott Endowed Professor of Business

School of Business                                                                                 

Bluefield State College

Bluefield, WV, USA

Employment Arbitration: Evolving from Concept to Practice

Author(s): Bourne, Steve


Brod, Tamara L.

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

Colorado Christian University

Lakewood, CO, USA

Voluntary Environmental Programs: Global Spirit or Free Riding on a Global Public Good

Author(s): Brod, Tamara


Chen, I Chun L.

Assistant Professor

Business Administration

Yuanpei University

Hsin Chu, Taiwan, ROC

Can Western HRM models study the Eastern MNCs? The case from Taiwanese /Chinese MNCs in UK

Author(s): Chen, I Chun Lisa, Chen, Chei Bein, Easterby-Smith, Mark


Chiu, Kevin Kuan-Shun

Assistant Professor

Graduate School of Business and Management

Lunghwa University of Science and Technology

Kueishan Township, Ta, Taiwan

The Relationships among Brand Image, Brand Awareness, Brand Trust, Brand Preference, and Customer Perceived Value: An Empirical Study in Taiwan on Internet Service Providers

Author(s): Chiu, Kevin Kuan-Shun, Chiu, Charles Kuan-Yao, Chiu, Kuanpin Philip, Shan, Jamie Pei-Chen


Choudhary, Vikas


Humanities and Social Sciences

National Institute of Technology,Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra, Ha, India

Knowledge Management for Business

Author(s): Choudhary, Vikas


Chretien, Ronald M.

College of Business

University of Louisiana

Lafayette, LA, USA

International Outsourcing: Trends Across U.S. Firms

Author(s): Chretein, Ronald, Ferguson, Tamela D.


Collins, Ayse B.

Associate Professor

School of Applied Technology & Management

Bilkent University

Ankara, Turkey

Equal Employment & Access for the Disabled in Hospitality

Author(s): Collins, Ayse


Duncan, Jr., Ernest L.

University of Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Risk Impact of Global Communications

Author(s): Duncan, Jr., Ernest L.


Erickson, Sandra C.

College of Business and Informational Technology

Argosy University, Sarasota, FL

Sarasota, FL, USA

A Conceptual Model for Citizen's Diplomacy to Advance America's Role in the Global Community through Demonstrating a Competency for Inclusiveness

Author(s): Erickson, Sandra C.


Ferguson, Tamela D.

State Farm Professor of Risk Management & Insurance Management

University of Louisiana

Lafayette, LA, USA

International Outsourcing: Trends Across U.S. Firms

Author(s): Chretein, Ronald, Ferguson, Tamela D.


Geringer, J. Michael

Professor of Management

California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Managing Stress and Job Performance of Air Traffic Controllers: An Experimental Application of Self Management Training Concepts

Author(s): Geringer, J. Michael, Frayne, Colette A.


Geringer, J. Michael

Professor of Management

California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Meeting the Challenge of Teaching Emerging and Complex Concepts:

Author(s): Geringer, J Michael


Glidden, Suellyn H.

Administrative Director of Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Studies

Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology

Nairobi, Kenya

The Balancing Forward Theory of Nongovernmental Organizational Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa

Author(s): Glidden, Suellyn


Herkenhoff, Linda M.

Associate Professor

Graduate Business

Saint Mary's College

Moraga, CA, USA

The Internet Generation and Emotional Intelligence

Author(s): Herkenhoff, Linda M.


Hogan, Eileen A.

Professor of Management

Department Management

Kutztown University

Kutztown, PA, USA

Adapting Measures of Organizational Commitment to Issues of College Student Retention

Author(s): Hogan, Eileen


Hornik, Jacob

Professor of Marketing

Recanati Business school

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, Israel

Individual's Diurnal Preference and Temporal Behavior

Author(s): Hornik, Jacob, Giulia Miniero


Howell, Tina L.


Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

Keele University

Staffordshire, UK

Managing Relationships, Change adn Distance: A Discourse Analysis of Short-term Assignments and Work-life Balance Issues

Author(s): Howell, Tina


Jakobsen, Gitte P.

Industrial Ph.D student

Organization and Industrial Sociology

Copenhagen Business School / Scancor Stanford University

Palo Alto, CA, USA

Stories of Leader Identity: A Narrative Investigation of Leader Identity Construction

Author(s): Jakobsen, Gitte


Jones, Beverley G.

Doctor of Management

Keele University

Keele, United Kingdom

A Moral Measure of Globalization: Reflections on UK and Indian Experiences of Sourcing Financial Services Offshore

Author(s): Jones, Beverley, Knights, David


Kim, Min Soo

Assistant Professor

College of Business Administration

Ewha Woman's University

Seoul, Korea

Moving from Surface-level to Deep-level: The Effects of Gender Dissimilarity on the Relationship between Person-Group Value Fit and Work Attitudes

Author(s): Kim, Min Soo, Kim, Sun Young


Kirkebak, Per P.

Associate Pofessor

Engineering Department

Ostfold University College

Halden, Oslo, Norway

The importance of Technological Transfer Tempo for desirable organizational adaptation  a study of the relations between technological innovation and Organizational development and Change

Author(s): Kirkebak, Per, Wu,Hong, Andersson, Gunnar


Lam, Maria Lai-Ling

Associate Professor

School of Business

Malone College

Canton, OH, USA

Explore the Connections between Universal Instruction Design and Business Education in the Globalization Era

Author(s): Lam, Maria


Li, Qiang

School of Economics and Management

Tsinghua University

Beijing, P.R.China

An Empirical Study on the Correlation between Social Network and Core Competence on New Product Development Performance in China

Author(s): Li, qiang, Tang, fangcheng, Tong, Yunhuan


Lillis, Michael P.

Associate Professor

Business Programs

Medaille College

Buffalo, NY, USA

Improving the Odds of Academic Recognition:The Role of Innovativeness on Publication Decisions and Citation Patters

Author(s): Lillis, Michael, Newman, Jerry, Waite, Melissa, Krefting, Linda


Maruyama, Magoroh


Department of Consulting

Interactive Heterogenistics

San Diego, CA, USA

Heterogeneity of individual cognitive types across cultures

Author(s): Maruyama, Magoroh


McNabb, David E.


School of Business Administration

Pacific Lutheran University

Tacoma, WA, USA

Developing Entrepreneurs the “Japanese Way”: A Government, Education and Industry Partnership

Author(s): McNabb, David, Nakagawa, Katsushiro


Misra, Rajnish K.

Associate Professor

Department of Management

IBAT School of Management, KIIT Deemed University

Bhubaneswar, Or, India

Psychological Correlates of Career Effectiveness: A Study of Corporate Executives in India

Author(s): Misra, Rajnish Kumar


Moodian, Michael A.

Adjunct Faculty

School for Professional Studies

Vanguard University of Southern California

Laguna Hills, CA, USA

The Challenges Associated With a Corporate Culture Integration Initiative: A Report on Transition Management

Author(s): Moodian, Michael A.


Nnedum, Obiajulu A.

Deparetment of Psychology

Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Awka, An, Nigeria

The Effect of Ethic Orientation, Corporate Socialization, Money Attitude,and Money Importance on Unethical Behavior in Nigeria: A Preliminary Model of Unethical Behaviour

Author(s): Nnedum, Obiajulu A.U., Ezeokana, Jude O.


Park, JiEun

Ph.D Candidate

Department of Business

Ewha Womans University

Seoul, Korea

The Psychological Contract Breach and Individual Differences

Author(s): Minsoo, Kim, Park, Jieun


Passarelli, Mariacarmela M.

Ph.D Student

Laboratory Economics and Management

Scuola Superiore S.Anna di Pisa

Pisa, Italy

Within Industry Diversification and Spillovers: An Empirical Evidence From IC Industry

Author(s): Passarelli, Mariacarmela, Corsino, Marco


Paul, Justin

Assistant Professor

International Business & Economics

Indian Institute of Management, Indore

Indore, MP, India

SAARC Countries: Gearing for the Globalisation Era

Author(s): Justin, Paul, Prasad, Ajinkya


Paul, Justin

Assistant Professor

International Business & Economics

Indian Institute of Management, Indore

Indore, MP, India

Indian Industries in the Era Intellectual Property Rights and WTO:Gearing for the Global competition

Author(s): Justin, Paul


Pryor, Mildred G.

Management Professor

Marketing & Managment

Texas A&M University-Commerce

Commerce, TX, USA.

Gearing for Globalization: Third World Multinations

Author(s): Lee, Yee Wee, Moffitt, Betty J.


Rai, Niharika

Department of Organizational Behavior

Xaviers Labour Research Institute,XLRI School of Business an

Jamshedpur, Jh, India

Understanding Organizational Change through Social Networks from a Realist and Societal Context Perspective

Author(s): Rai, Niharika


Ramirez, Consuelo M.

Senior Lecturer

Department of Management

University of Texas at San Antonio

San Antonio, TX, USA

Rethinking International Management Education:  The North American Summer School for Advanced Management

Author(s): Heller, Victor L., Ramirez, Consuelo M.


Ratten, Vanessa


Queensland University of Technology

Faculty of Business

Brisbane, QL, Australia

The Transferability of Social Capital between Alliance Partners: A Learning Perspective

Author(s): Ratten, Vanessa, Ljungquist, Urban


Ratten, Vanessa


Queensland University of Technology

Faculty of Business

Brisbane, QL, Australia

Institutional Entrepreneurship in Eastern European Transition Economies

Author(s): Ratten, Vanessa, Ljungquist, Urban


Remoussenard, Catherine


Department of Management

Burgundy School of Business

Dijon, France

Change Management: 10 stop and gos

Author(s): Remoussenard, Catherine


Rivas, Frank

Deaprtment of Business Adminstration

Argosy University

Sarsota, Fl, USA

Port Security Issues

Author(s): Rivas, Frank


Rolland, Nicolas

Professor in Strategy

CERAM Sophia Antipolis

Sophia Antipolis, France

Networking Dynamic Capability and Product Innovation

Author(s): Rolland, Nicolas, Aminska-Labbe, Renata


Ross, Stanley C.

Assistant Professor

Department of Management

Bridgewater State College

Bridgewater, MA, USA

Developing and Enhancing Organizational Leaders as a Competitive Advantage

Author(s): Ross, Stanley


Ruiz-González, Carlos

Academic Director

Business Policy

Instituto Panamericano de Alta Direccion

Mexico City, Mexico

How to rescue Business from a crisis: Eight steps that nobody told you at Business School

Author(s): Ruiz-Gonzalez, J Carlos

Ruiz-González, Carlos

Academic Director

Business Policy

Instituto Panamericano de Alta Direccion

Mexico City, Mexico

A New, Different Look to the Abilities of the New Leader: Desired and required characteristics of the new leader and the importance of moral sense

Author(s): Ruiz-Gonzalez, J Carlos


Sadarangani, Pradip H.

Assistant Professor

Department of Marketing

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Bangalore, India

The Emotional Intensity Scale in the World Wide Web

Author(s): Sadarangani, Pradip


Simms, Shalei V.

Organizational Management

Rutgers University

Newark, NJ, USA

Teams and Individual Learning: Is the Whole Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Author(s): Simms, Shalei


Thomas, Mark O.


Electrical Engineering Department

United States Naval Academy

Annapolis, MD, US

Reversing the Brain Drain: A Practical Approach to the Capture and Retention of Tacit Knowledge within the Firm

Author(s): Thomas, Mark


Thomas, Valerie L.

President & CEO

The LaVal Corporation

Mitchellville, MD, USA

Considerations for Applying Knowledge Management in a Technical Environment

Author(s): Thomas, Valerie L.


Thorpe-Dulgarian, Treisha A.

Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance

Bowie State University

Bowie, MD, USA

The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002  An Overview

Author(s): Thorpe-Dulgarian, Treisha, Sawyer, Granville


Tiago, Teresa B.

Professor Assistant

Business and Economics

University of the Azores

Ponta Delgada, Az, Portugal

Internet- based Knowledge Management: an Overview of European Reality

Author(s): Borges-Tiago, Teresa, Couto, João Pedro, Tiago, Flavio, Vieira, Jose Cabral


Vargas-Hernandez, Jose G.

Research Professor

Ciencias economico Administrativas

Iinstituto Tecnologico de Cd. Guzman

Cd. Guzman, Ja, Mexico

Types of Relationships Between Firms, Communities and Governments and their Obstacles

Author(s): Vargas-Hernandez, Jose G.


Whitfield, Gwendolyn

Assistant Professor of Strategy

Graduate School of Business

Pepperdine University

Malibu, CA, USA

Technology Innovation and Business Policy in a Social Democracy: The Paradox of Sweden

Author(s): Whitfield, Gwendolyn


Winkelman, Walt

Graduate Student

Argosy University

Chicago, IL, U.S.A.

American Entrepreneurs: Happiness in Their Private Life

Author(s): Winkelman, Walt


Zhang, Liqing

Assistant Professor

Department of Social and Decision Sciences

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Self-esteem Boost Promotes Negotiators' Rational Decisions in Disadvantageous Situations

Author(s): Zhang, Liqing, Baumeister, Roy


Zheng, Connie


School of Management and Information Systems

Department of Human Resource Management

Central Queensland University

Rockhampton, , Australia

Exploring Training Issues of Multinational Companies in Asia

Author(s): Zheng, Connie, Hyland, Paul, Soosay, Claudine


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