Proceedings of the APAMB 2007 Conference


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Cross – Cultural Management



Innovation & Technology


Organizational Behavior


Technology Management


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Cross – Cultural Management


Dimtrov, Danielle Y.


The George Washington University

Washington, DC, USA

Perception of Hospitality Mangers from Collectivistic and Individualistic National Culture About the Meaning of Work

Author(s): Dimitrov, Danielle


Droege, Scott B.

Assistant Professor of Management

School of Management

Western Kentucky University

Bowling Green, KY, USA

The Process of Praxis: Linking Praxis to Institutional Change

Author(s): Droege, Scott


Erickson, Sandra C.

Doctoral Candidate

College of Business and Informational Technology

Argosy University, Sarasota, FL

Sarasota, FL, USA

A Conceptual Model to Strengthen Expatriate Outcomes in the Global Marketplace and Mindset

Author(s): Erickson, Sandra C.


Menon, Shanker

Associate Professor

Business Administration

Dhofar University

Salalah, Oman

Cultural Intelligence : Perspectives for Management and Business in the New Millennium

Author(s): Menon, Shanker, Narayanan, Lakshmi


Nnedum, Obiajulu A.


Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Awka, An, Nigeria

The Effect of Ethic Orientation, Corporate Socialization, Money Attitude, and Money Importance on Unethical behaviour in Nigeria:A preliminary Model of Unethical  Behaviour

Author(s): Nnedum, Obiajulu Anthony Ugochukwu, Ezeokana, Jude Obinna


Rao, Madhu T.

Assistant Professor

School of Management

Seattle University

Seattle, WA, USA

Trust in Global Virtual Teams: An Application of Integrative Social Contracts Theory

Author(s): Rao, Madhu T., Dienhart, John W.


Soetjipto, Budi W.

Associate Professor in Management

The Institute of Management

University of Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Moderation Effect of Job Factors and Leader-Member Exchange on the Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment and Intention to Leave the Host Country: A Study of Expatriates in Indonesia

Author(s): Soetjipto, Budi W., Setiawati, Utami D.


Tan, Felix B.


Centre for Research on Information Systems Management

AUT University

Auckland, New Zealand

Explaining Actual Online Shopping Behaviour: A Cross-Cultural Study

Author(s): Tan, Felix, Yan, Liang, Urquhart, Cathy


Wicaksono, Agung

Research Associate

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS)


Holding Company as Corporate Governance Structure for State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Southeast-Asia: Indonesia's Quest to Learn from Singapore and Malaysia

Author(s): Wicaksono, Agung


Wilson, Charles E.

Doctoral Student

Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies

North Carolina A&T State University

Greensboro, NC, USA

International Experiences as Stimuli for Schema Change

Author(s): Wilson, Charles


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Fan, Zheng

Deputy Dean

College of International Business

Shanghai International Studies University

Shanghai, China

Cultivating Innovative Capablities: Entrepreneurship Education at SISU

Author(s): Fan, Zheng, Hu, Jie


Hou, Sheng-Tsung

Assistant Professor

Department of Business Administration

Asia University

Taichung County, Taiwan, ROC

Antecedents and Consequence of Entrepreneurial Alertness in Franchise Chain: Awareness-Motivation-Capability Perspective

Author(s): Hou, Sheng-Tsung


Karami, Azhdar


School of Business & Management

Universitry of Wals Bangor

Gwynedd, United Kingdom

Entrepreneurial Sprite a Key Driver for Regional Growth and Development: The Case of West Azerbaijan, Iran

Author(s): Rezazadeh, Bahram, Karami, Azhdar


Lin, Su-Li L.

Assistant Professor

International Business and Trade

Shu-Te University

Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC

A Study on Internationalization Performance of International New Ventures: From the Base on Intellectual Capital Perspective

Author(s): Lin, Su-Li, Chen, Ching-Hsiang


Michaelsen, Larry K.


School of Management

University of Central Missouri

Warrensburg, MO, USA

Teaching through an Entrepreneurship Experience: An Interdisciplinary Faculty-friendly Approach

Author(s): Michaelsen, Larry, Iskandar, Budi, McCord, Mary


Mustafa, Yekta

PhD Candidate

National Graduate School of Management

Australian National University

Canberra, AC, Australia

Business and Social Network Conflict in the Evolution of Chinese Family Business: An Exploratory Study

Author(s): Mustafa, Yekta, Chen, Stephen



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Chen, Ching-Hsiang

Gradeate School of Management

I-Shou University

Kaohsiung County, Taiwan (R.O.C.), Taiwan, ROC

Go Right or Left?  State Can Define What Is Legitimacy for MNEs

Author(s): Chen, Ching-Hsiang, Lin, Su-Li


Choudhury, Koushiki

Assistant professor


Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India

Kolkata, WB, India

The Dimensions Of Service Quality: A Study of the Indian Retail Banking Environment

Author(s): Choudhury, Koushiki


Colpan, Asli M.

Doshisha University


Do Macroeconomic Environments Matter?

Author(s): Colpan, Asli, Hikino, Takashi


Dieleman, Marleen H.

Assistant Professor

School of Management

Leiden University

Leiden, The Netherlands

An Evolutionary Approach to Ethnic Chinese Business Networks

Author(s): Dieleman, Marleen


Gurtoo, Anjula

Assistant Professor

Management Studies

Indian Institute of Science

Bangalore, Ka, India

A Conceptual Framework of Employment Relations for India: Balancing Labor and Organisational Imperatives

Author(s): Gurtoo, Anjula


Lazonick, William

Distinguished Research Professor



Fontainebleau Cedex, France

Globalization of the High-Tech Labor Force

Author(s): Lazonick, William


Lee, Choong Y.


Management and Marketing

Pittsburg State University

Pittsburg, KS, USA

China's Competitiveness in the Global Market

Author(s): Lee, Choong

Foreign Direct Investment in India: Opportunities, Challengies, and Suggestions

Author(s): Lee, Choong, Hardeep, Panwar


Lien, Lasse B.

Associate professor

Strategy and Management

Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

Bergen, Norway

The Industries Next Door and the Evolution of Competition

Author(s): Lien, Lasse B.


Mateu, Milagros

Independent Consultant

Education and Human Development

George Washington Universities

Alexandria, VA, USA

Emotional Intelligence as a Factor in Adapting to Global Assignments: The Disorienting Dilemma as a Catalyst for Learning

Author(s): Mateu, Milagros


Stanton, John L.


Food Marketing

Saint Joseph's University

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Globalization of Mass Retailing: Strategies for Regional Companies to Compete

Author(s): Stanton. John


Vyas, Preeta H.

Indian Institute of Management

Ahmedabad, India

DSS(Decision Support Systems) in Indian Organised Apparel Retail Sector

Author(s): Sharma, Ankush, Vyas, Preeta


Wicaksono, Agung

Research Associate

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS)


Indonesia as Offshoring Destination in Southeast Asia: Case Study on Internationalization of a Technology Firm

Author(s): Wicaksono, Agung, Ulya, Ahmad


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Innovation & Technology


Berg, Per Olof


School of Business

Stockholm University

Stockholm, Sweden

Invocative Strategizing

Author(s): Berg, Per Olof


Calabretta, Giulia

PhD Candidate



Barcelona, Spain

New Product Development and Dynamic Capabilities: An Empirical Test

Author(s): Calabretta, Giulia, Durisin, Boris


Huang, Pei-Wen

Graduate School of Management

I-Shou University

Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, ROC

The Impact of Organizational Structure and Social Structure on Organizational Knowledge Creation: A Conceptual Framework

Author(s): Liu, Chi-Wei


Hull, Clyde E.

Assistant Professor


E. Philip Saunders College of Business, Rochester Institute

Rochester, NY, USA

Innovation and Achieving Market Acceptance: Genetically-Modified Organisms in Agribusiness

Author(s): Hull, Clyde E., Luxmore, Stephen R.


James, Chen

Research Assistant

Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information

Nanyang Technological University


The Little Red Dot @ WWW: A 3 Year Study of the Online Singaporean

Author(s): Wendy Lim, Malcolm, Chung, James, Chen


Provera, Bernardino

Post-Doc Fellow


Bocconi University

Milan, Italy

Organizational Reaction to the Digital Revolution: New Product Development in the Music Industry before and after MP3 Technology

Author(s): Provera, Bernardino, Soda, Giuseppe, Verona, Gianmario


Tsai, Chen Yi

I-SHOU University

Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, ROC

Organizational Change and Organizational Inertia

Author(s): Tsai, Chen yi


Vigoda-Gadot, Eran

Division Head

Division of Public Administration & Policy

University of Haifa

Haifa, IS, Israel

Public Sector Innovation for Europe: A Multinational Eight-Country Exploration of Citizens' Perspectives

Author(s): Vigoda-Gadot, Eran, Shoham, Aviv, Schwabsky, Nitza, Ruvio, Ayalla


Welborn, Ralph B.

Managing Partner


Westwood, MA, USA

The Explosion of Distributed Innovation: An Emerging Model to Identify, Fund and Exploit Innovation

Author(s): Humphreys, Douglass, Welborn, Ralph


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Brinkman, John

Vice Dean

Business & Computer Sciences

Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool, Me, United Kingdom

Leadership in Indian Small Businesses

Author(s): Brinkman, John, Kallarakal, Tomy, Mathew, Jain


Chapman, Thomas W.

President & CEO

Office of the President

The HSC Foundation

Washington, DC, USA

The Dominant Influence of Social Context on CEO Learning in Health Care: A Challenge to Traditional Management Continuing Education and Development

Author(s): Chapman, Thomas W., Confessore, Sharon


Clark Jr., David K.


Leadership Studies

North Carolina A&T State University

Greensboro, NC, USA

Implications of Electronic Communications and Collaborative Systems on Leader-Follower Relationship in Virtual Organizations

Author(s): Clark, David


Deng, Ling

Graduate School of Business

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Melbourne, VI, Australia

Enhancing Expatriate Leadership Effectiveness through Cultural Intelligence: a Qualitative Investigation into Australian Business Leader-Managers Working in China

Author(s): Deng, Ling, Paul, Gibson


Ernst, Chris

Research Director

Research & Innovation

Center for Creative Leadership


Leadership Development in Asia – Exploring the New Terrain

Author(s): Ernst, Chris


Hartono, Arif

PhD Student

School of Business

Murdoch University

Murdoch, WA, Australia

The Role of Human Resource Manager in Strategy Formulation and Strategic Decision Making: an Indonesian Case Study

Author(s): Hartono, Arif, Scott-Ladd, Brenda


Heilmann, Pia A.

Senior Lecturer

Business Administration

Lappeenranta University of Technology

Lappeenranta, Finland

Career Dynamics in Technology-Based Organizations

Author(s): Heilmann, Pia


Irene, Chew

Associate Professor

Nanyang Business School

Nanyang Technological University


The Effects of Leadership Styles on Creativity

Author(s): Chew, Irene


McIntosh, Murray K.

InsightSRC Pty Ltd

Melbourne, Vi, Australia

A Team Based Approach to Transformational Leadership:  What Does it Take?

Author(s): McIntosh, Murray, Hart, Peter, Hempton, Courtney


Sevon, Guje


Dept of Management and Organization

Stockholm School of Economics

Stockholm, Sweden

Performing Governance

Author(s): Sevon, Guje


Stewart, Alice C.

Associate Professor

Business Administration

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Greensboro, NC, USA

Servant Leadership and Follower Impact: Using Role Inversion to Enhance Employee Job Satisfaction

Author(s): Jenkins, Marjorie, Wilson, Charles E., Stewart, Alice


Welborn, Ralph B.

Managing Partner


Westwood, MA, USA

Business Transformation Blues: Getting Done What Needs to Get Done

Author(s): Kasten, Vince


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Organizational Behavior


Casimir, Gian M.

Senior Lecturer

Newcastle Graduate School of Business

University of Newcastle


Job-Demand For Learning, Job-Related Learning, and Need for Achievement

Author(s): Loon, Mark, Casimir, Gian


Chatterjee, Sayan


Marketing and Policy Studies

Weatherhead School of Managment

Cleveland, OH, USA

Independent or Indifferent: Predicting Board Behavior when the Spotlight Falls on Them

Author(s): Chatterjee, Sayan


Droege, Scott B.

Assistant Professor of Management

School of Management

Western Kentucky University

Bowling Green, KY, USA

Intersecting Three Muddy Roads: Clarification and Integration of Institutional Theory, Organizational Legitimacy, and Environmental Enactment

Author(s): Droege, Scott


Gao, Jennifer H.



Macao University of Science and Technology

Macao, China

Factors Influencing Work Communication in Chinese Organizations

Author(s): Gao, Jennifer, Zhang, Licheng, Mak, Kayee


Gurtoo, Anjula

Assistant Professor

Management Studies

Indian Institute of Science

Bangalore, Ka, India

Policy Reforms and Adaptation of State-Owned Enterprises in Developing Economies: A Resource-Based Perspective

Author(s): Gurtoo, Anjula


Haar, Jarrod M.

Senior Lecturer

Strategy & HRM

University of Waikato

Hamilton, New Zealand

Work-Family Practices in Academia: Similarities and Differences

Author(s): Haar, Jarrod, Wisneski, B.


Harrington, Brooke

Assistant Professor in Sociology

Brown University

Providence, RI, USA

Interpersonal Ties and Financial Performance in Workgroups

Author(s): Harrington, Brooke


Mattila, Merita K.


Business Administration

Lappeenranta University of Technology


Processing Organizational Values in Finnish Context : Individual Implications in Three Case Companies

Author(s): Mattila, Merita K.


Pang, Paosi J.

Assistant Professor

Department of Insurance & Financial Management

Taipei, Taiwan, China

The Impact of Human Resource Practices on the Turnover of Employees with Different Functions and High and Low Job Performance

Author(s): Pang, Paosi, Lin, Wen-Jeng


Pangarkar, Nitin

Associate Professor

Business Policy

National University of Singapore


Timing, Trust and Transparency: Wage Restructuring at Glaxosmithkline

Author(s): Pangarkar, Nitin, Chung, Yuen Kay

Before the Next Storm: Wage Restructuring at the Raffles Hotel

Author(s): Chung, Yuen Kay, Pangarkar, Nitin


Ribeiro, Cristina M.

Ph.D. Student

Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering

University of Aveiro

Aveiro, Portugal

Corporate Reputation Criteria as Perceived by Bank Managers: Results from an Empirical Study

Author(s): Ribeiro, Cristina M.M.P., Gouveia, Joaquim, J. B., Pinto, Ricardo J. C. N. F.


Tan, James


Insight SRC

Melbourne, Vi, Australia

Leadership, Climate and Innovation: A Process Model of Business Performance

Author(s): Tan, James, Hart, Peter, McIntosh, Murray, Hempton, Courtney


Uno, Indra C.


TPS Consulting Indonesia

Jakarta, DK, Indonesia

The Effect of Spiritual Values Treatment on Firm Performance: "in progress" Case Study of a State-Owned Enterprise

Author(s): Uno, Indra, Sadeli, Jimmy, Wiroto, Wayah


Yagil, Dana

Senior lecturer

Human Services

University of Haifa

Haifa, Israel

The Mediating Effect of Service Providers' Emotions and Attitudes

Author(s): Yagil, Dana


Zhang, Liqing

Assistant Professor

Department of Social and Decision Sciences

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Rejection Exaggerates Egocentric Perception of Fairness

Author(s): Zhang, Liqing, Baumeister, Roy F.


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Botes, Vida L.

Senior Lecturer

School of Business Leadership

University of South Africa

Midrand, Ga, South Africa

Outsourcing and Stakeholder Value

Author(s): Botes, Vida


Donada, Carole



Essec Business School Paris

Cergy Pontoise, France

How Emotions Influence Supplier Switching in Outsourcing Contexts

Author(s): Donada, Carole, Nogatchewsky, Gwenaelle


Hu, Cheng-Kai

Graduate School of Management

I-Shou University

Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, ROC

Inter-organizational Relationship Co-evolution

Author(s): Fang, Shih-Chieh, Hu, Cheng-Kai


Kasten, Vince

Managing Partner, Business Transformation


Blue Bell, PA, USA

The Truth about Global Outsourcing:  Lessons Learned about the Difficulties of 'Getting it Done'

Author(s): Welborn, Ralph


Neergaard, Peter


Operations Management

Copenhagen Bus. School

Frederiksberg, Denmark

Beyond Mere Control. Code of Conducts and. Corporate Social ‘Capabilities’ Development in Global Supply Chains

Author(s): Pedersen, Esben, Neergaard, Peter


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Technology Management


Gerdsri, Nathasit

College of Management

Mahidol University

Bangkok, Thailand

Key Success Factors in Initiating Technology Roadmapping (TRM) Processes in a Company: A Case Study of a Leading Thai Firm

Author(s): Assakul, Phensoame


Irmer, Bernd E.

The Infohrm Research Fellow

School of Management

Queensland University of Tecnhology

Brisbane, QL, Australia

Realising the Anticipated Strategic Value of Human Capital Measurement

Author(s): Irmer, Bernd, Ellerby, Anastasia, Moon, Heather


James, Chen

Research Assistant

Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information

Nanyang Technological University


Towards the Harnessing of ICTs in the Delivery of Educational Content for Higher Learning Institutions

Author(s): James, Chen, Malcolm, Chung


MacCormick, Judith S.

Post Doctoral Fellow


Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW

Sydney, NS, Australia

Wired and Wireless: BlackBerry Technology and the Work Life Balance

Author(s): MacCormick, Judith, Dery, Kristine


Provera, Bernardino

Post-Doc Fellow


Bocconi University

Milan, Italy

Capability Adaptation by Making Sense of New Products in Creative Industries

Author(s): Provera, Bernardino, Soda Giuseppe, Verona, Gianmario


Russ, Meir


Business Administration

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Green Bay, WI, USA

Knowledge-Based Strategies and Systems: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Russ, meir, Jones, Greg, Jones, Jeannette


Vathanophas, Vichita


College of Management

Mahidol University

Bangkok, Thailand

Impact of Web Design Features of Electronic Commerce Web Sites on User Satisfaction and the Likelihood of Consumer Purchase

Author(s): Vathanophas, Vichita, Poh, Jan Ai Chan


Zutshi, Ambika


Faculty of Business and Law

Deakin University

Melbourne, VI, Australia

Equity and Access in an E-Enhanced International University Environment: Learning Style Implications

Author(s): Zutshi, Ambika, Creed, Andrew


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